How It Works

We select the ideologically balanced jurors, they choose a policy to put on trial—in hopes of
issuing a solutions’ verdict that a vast supermajority can support.

An Ideologically Balanced Jury
Picks a Topic

Gather and Evaluate Evidence

Propose Solutions, Vote, and
Publish the Verdict.

Juror Instructions

  1. Most people we talk to can relate to this story. You’re at a party and get stuck talking to someone you wouldn’t normally hang out with politically. After awhile, and maybe a couple adult beverages, you realize you do agree on some things and maybe a few rather vehemently. Has that happened to you?
  2. Partisans keep insisting that every public policy is intractable, because drama increases audience and campaign donations. Based on our beta tests this “divergence” is at best a false assumption and at worst manipulation.
  3. The GREATER Jury is the first public policy platform based on “convergence.”
  4. We’ll be using an adaptation of the Transpartisan Imperative in American Life by Chickering and Turner for the methodology. Ideologically balanced juries of fellows will choose their own public policies to put on trial, gather and cross their own evidence, use lateral team-thinking techniques, proposes their own solutions, prepare the ballot, vote, and publish the verdict in descending order of consensus. Juries will be allowed to customize within the core values of the GREATER Jury.
  5. Fellows will have access to all the data and be able to publish their own blogs, social media, columns, papers and thesis on the process and the verdict’s significance to society. Fellows will also have significant input into refining the processes, however those improvements will remain the IP of the GREATER Jury—the goal is a gamified App.
  6. The Fellowship will run for three months to one-year with a minimum commitment of 90 minutes per week to participate in actual trials. This is a volunteer position but the 90 minutes can be conveniently time-shifted anywhere within a weekly window. Fellows will be entering into a community of professionals who believe in the 2.0 versions of public policy / constructive journalism.
  7. Unlike a debate or legal trial, we don’t care what left/right, freedom/order can’t agree upon. We’re drowning in that. We only care what we CAN agree upon. Let’s start there. We’re starting now. If this resonates with you please apply here on Typeform.
  8. Jonathan “Jon” Denn is the founder of the GREATER Jury. He is a member of the National Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation, and the Hive Global Leadership Program. A former hotel chain CEO, he ran an adaptive leadership program for 12 years, is a Vistage Chair with several private advisory boards for CEOs, business owners, and trusted advisors, a pro bono SCORE mentor, has a Forbes column, been published in Fortune, and has a book coming out this Fall called the DRUMBEAT !! Business Productivity System. For more info...,


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