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Besides the weekly Jury instructions, this blog’s purpose is to be fully transparent about the GREATER Jury’s ever evolving processes. It also is a self-reflection on the challenges of public policy leadership from an entirely new perspective—

“Let’s start from where we can agree.”

Almost everyone I speak with hears the above sentence, and immediately tells me about a friend whose political views are opposite of theirs but when they have a really long, relaxed conversation—actually agree on a lot of policy changes.

Now, I have one caution here. Not only do our verdicts need to popular, but they also have to be deeply studied. Political scientists call this epistemic as well as popular.

We will endeavor to borrow from many other disciplines but at the end of the day, or trial that is, we are charting new territory. This just might be disruptive technology. Meaning the status quo might be a little less quo.

We will use mental models, be aware of cognitive biases, call out fallacies, keep within editorial style guidelines, and lean heavily on personal reflection, innovation, eliminating errors and omissions, and use approval voting.

The primary impediment to my decade’s long journey to this iteration of the GREATER Jury is that, well, policy work is boring, really boring. I mean, I love this stuff and get bored.

So, this iteration will attempt to solve this puzzle by allowing for time-shifting, more frequent shorter check-ins, a cool rating system for evidence, simple but effective rules for engagement, different ways to sort through the evidence, and a more interactive co-creative process for the ballot preparation.

I intend to make these posts short, so to close this one, if we get this correct, it can scale to any problem, anywhere, any time, by anyone. 

So, if we get something wrong along the way, or you have a suggestion, please tell us, be patient and stick with it. This could be a gigantic leap forward in public policy leadership. Thanks in no small part—to you!

Let’s start from where we can agree. And that would be—giving this a try.


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